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Best products
  • Air hoist

    Air hoist

    Air Hoist by KOREA HOIST can be effectively used to chemical factories, gas plants, etc. thanks to its lightness & small size, enduring up to 250~60,000kg.

  • Wire rope hoist

    Air Balancer

    Air Balancer by KOREA HOIST provides hoisting and non-gravity function at the same time without any jumping phenomenon with high speed and quietness.

  • Hoist winch

    Hoist winch

    Hoist Winch/Air Winch by KOREA HOIST has features of; easy adjustment of speed, easy operation, safe design, specifically suitable for high temp& humidity.

  • Electric wire hoist

    Electric wire hoist

    Electric Wire Hoist of KOREA HOIST, faster than chain hoist, causes only a little shaking(vibration) during hoisting and is commonly used for high capacity.

  • Gantry crane

    Gantry crane

    Gantry Crane / Semi-Gantry Crane is a crane that moves along the rail installed on floor to install the crane, no separate architectural structure required.

  • Monorail hoist

    Crab Crane

    Monorail Hoist, Crab Crane type, is a ceiling crane with Crab on 2 crane girders, hoisitng/moving horizontally. Used for assembling/transporting machines.

Company Profile

Korea Hoist

KOREA HOIST Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of hoisters; Air Hoist/ Air Balancer/ Electric Hoist/ Hoist & Crane/ Pump Lifter/ orkman쨌Balaman/ KH Track System

We have expanded our core capabilities for future growth by successfully localizing products, such as air hoist, air balance, air motor, air touch one, etc, basedon our development of new product and future-oriented corporate value for creating pleasant and safe work environment, and speeded up our export to the United States, Europe, Asia, Mid East, as the global leader opening the door to the future.

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